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Activity Title: Technical Support Services by FAO-SDRN in the framework of MiPAF-UCEA CLIMAGRI Project (Climatic Changes and Italian Agriculture)
FAO Regular Program Entity: SDRN/RA251A1142001 - Activity 2
Estimated starting date: November 2001
Total Expected Duration: Three years
National Implementing Agency: Ufficio Centrale di Ecologia Agraria (UCEA) of the Italian Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policies (MiPAF) FAO Technical Implementing 
Service: Environment and Natural Resources Service (SDRN) of Research, Training and Extension Division
Total Estimated Budget: Euro 116.202,80 (ITL 225.000.000)
Link : http://www.fao.org/sd/2002/EN0501a_en.htm

CLIMAGRImed : http://www.fao.org/sd/climagrimed/


            Placed within the Research, Extension and Training Division (SDR) of FAO, the Environment and Natural Resources Service (SDRN) is the integrative focal point for providing geo-spatial environmental information infrastructure and service capability. This refers to the availability of real (static or dynamic) geo-referenced data and information that describes the environmental and natural resources. Remote sensing, geographic information systems (GIS), agrometeorological and other environmental observations to support the operational and developmental users, both at FAO and in its Member States, in a wide variety of programme areas related to early warning for food security, agricultural production forecasting, natural resources management and disaster preparedness, impact assessment and response, coastal zone monitoring, desertification, biological diversity, energy and climate change.

            The Ufficio Centrale di Ecologia Agraria (UCEA) operates at national level in the field of agrometeorology in collaboration with various national and regional agencies interested in the subject or active in the field of meteorology in general. Agrometeorology, as an institutional responsibility of UCEA, supports the development of agriculture and the protection of the agricultural environment. To that end, UCEA provides technical services, manages the national agrometeorological database and carries out research activities to maintain an adequate position to the level of the requests coming from the agrometeorological interests.


            CLIMAGRI project is an agrometeorological research having the main goal to constitute the first operational step of a national program of safeguard of the atmosphere. The project is co-ordinated by UCEA, under the Italian Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policies (MiPAF).  Its most important objective is to obtain a climatic analysis of the national territory, evidencing climatic anomalies and changes in action or hypothesis with a specific impact on italian agricultural sector. Climatic changes might also have an impact on other socio-economic sectors and, in particular, on the control of water resources. Therefore CLIMAGRI takes in consideration, beyond the agricultural sector in a generalized manner, also some problems of water use and management which are strongly related to climatic variations. Finally, CLIMAGRI project must be considered as a scientific program but with an operational component. It means that it will propose methodologies in order to disseminate, with appropriate modalities, the information and the result in an effective way to various users in the agricultural sector.

            Research activities carried out within CLIMAGRI project will create the optimal frame to acquire important knowledge of the physical phenomena which are linked to the climate variability and change and that have a direct influence qualitatively and quantitatively on the agricultural productions and therefore on the emissions of greenhouse gases. The knowledge has a great role to play in the safeguard of the atmosphere and in attaining sustainable development.

            In 1999, informal discussions between the two parties have led to the identification of technical support services to be provided by FAO-SDRN in the framework of the Project "CLIMAGRI - Climatic Changes and Italian Agriculture" co-ordinated by UCEA.


            The technical and organizational structure of the FAO, the experience achieved in the field of the sustainable development in developing countries and its world-wide center in Rome are the fundamental elements for the transfer of methodologies developed in the framework of CLIMAGRI to the developing countries of the Mediterranean area.

            The final objective of the technical support services provided by FAO is to obtain an ideal synergy between UCEA, the Italian research institutes and FAO for the application of the methodologies developed in the framework of CLIMAGRI in order to be adapted and applied in some developing countries in the Mediterranean area. FAO will use its own competence in order to promote collaboration between Italian scientists and their counterparts in northern African countries.

            The FAO computer network and the various datasets on magnetic support will allow the creation of a multilingual computer node and the dissemination of the results in real-time through Internet. The most important documents will be translated into English and French. Finally, a training program for the national scientists is an essential component of the FAO technical assistance.

Signed by

Henri Carsalade (Assistant Director-General Technical Cooperation Department) on the 22nd of November 2001 and Vincenzo Pilo (Direttore Generale per le Politiche Strutturali e lo Sviluppo Rurale Ministero delle Politiche Agricole e Forestali) on the 8th of February 2002


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